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Sounds of the world often appear as an incoherent flow of information that surrounds us. They are however forming variety of captivating structures that only a concentrated ear can perceive. Being in constant motion and distracted by the large amount of events that engage all of our senses, each day we are overhearing sublime musical fragments in our own environment.

The aim of this project is to bring focus to sounds that already exist around us and to encourage conscious listening and the creative use of these sounds. We do not have to be passive listeners of our lively or polluted sound environment or depend upon technological tools to be able to interact with it.

By changing the way we listen to the world we can create a whole new version of it.

Armoniapolis has been presented:

Poster presentation at The Global Composition Conference

Presentation and website launch at O3one gallery, Belgrade
Presentation at Espacio Enter, Tenerife

Workshop at ISEA2014, Dubai, UAE

Armoniapolis - Belgrade booklets can be ordered by email.

Svetlana Maras

concept and realization

Mina Arko

graphic design
interaction design

Juho Jouhtimäki

interaction design
web development

Svetlana Maras

Svetlana Maras is a composer and sound artist from Serbia. After many years of formal music training, she pursued the path of extreme experimentation that brought her into area where music merges with other fields of art and science, finding the adequate expression in the form of interactive sound installation, live electronic music performance, sound objects and theoretical work that deals with these subjects. Her works were presented at various places worldwide such as Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (Bang on a Can Summer Institute), Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade, Kunstradio-Radiokunst, Radio Belgrade, Orpheus Institute for Music Research in Ghent and The Global Composition Conference in Darmstadt among others.

Mina Arko

Mina Arko is a graphic designer working across different media to create unique experiences. She holds a BA, summa cum laude from Academy of fine arts and design, Ljubljana, Slovenia and MA in Graphic design from Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland. Her work was featured in notable graphic design publications such as One by One by Hesign Studio and How to use Type by Lawrence King publishers. Her print and installation work was shown in various international exhibitions and earned a grant from Ministry of Culture in Slovenia as well as the Helsinki based Bioart Society in collaboration with European Public Art Centre.

Juho Jouhtimäki

Juho Jouhtimäki is a Finnish interaction designer and a developer working in various fields of digital media. He holds a BA in interaction design from Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Tampere, Finland and an MA in New Media from Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland. He has worked in several digital art projects, which have been on public display in Belgrade, Copenhagen, Helsinki and Paris. He has also worked as a game designer and a game developer.
Supported by: Telenor RingRing Telenor RingRing

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The soundscape surrounds you.
Identify sound elements that constitute that soundscape. Take any of these sounds and do the following: Apply musical changes to them (in a way you apply them to audio files, for example: add reverb to it, copy and paste, change the frequency, mute, record, slow down...) Combine these sounds in any order that you wish (e.g. one sound can precede another, two or more sounds can be played simultaneously, in a loop, in a particular rhythm...)

Do this solely with the use of words.

amplify, beat, bit-rate, compress, copy, crop, cut, delay, distort, distortion, echo, fade-in, fade-out, feedback, frequency, high-pass, loop, low-pass, mono, mute, normalize, paste, pause, pitch, play, record, repeat, reverb, reverberation, reverse, rhythm, sample-rate, slow down, speed up, stereo, stop, volume down, volume up

Imagine what it would sound like and then attach a photo of the place. Your description will serve as instruction
for a score that can be performed by
other people.

Terms and conditions

By uploading content to you hereby declare your responsibility for what you upload. guarantees to use the uploaded material only for the purpose of this project. By uploading content you certify that it is free from any copyrights and trademarks. In case you are the copyright holder you hereby release it under the latest version of the creative commons CC0 public domain dedication. All uploads must not contain offensive images or text of any kind. Uploaded text and image should correspond to the idea of this project only. reserves the right to delete any submission containing inappropriate content. By submitting to you agree that your submission can be printed in Armoniapolis booklet.

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Armoniapolis is a musical concept that provides a way to re-compose urban sound environment with the use of short textual instructions. Click on the dots to see more.

This website contains no sound files.

Armoniapolis is a collection of short musical events created by composers from around the world. They compose using sounds from their environment as their main material. They modify and combine these sounds by using words to create original compositions. Armoniapolis is a world soundscape recomposed by the creative ear of its participants. It is also a musical score that can have numerous individual interpretations. Each participant in the Armoniapolis can either be a composer, a performer or both.
This website contains no sound files.